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Helix Automatic 201

Flow: 1 to 24 m³/h.
Operating pressure: 0.5 to 10 bars.

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Helix Automatic 201

Self Cleaning Equipments with discs filtering element. Special equipments to adapt manual installations to an automatic ones. Max. Flow: 24 m³/h.


Disco filtration. Maximum safety. Its studied design and the materials used in its manufacture guarantee a long life and high resistance.
Optimization of the performance and minimum frequency and intensity of maintenance labours.
Self-cleaning filtering element. Maximum saving of water and efficiency in backflushing. Wide filtering area. AZUD filtration grades go from 5 to 500 micron.
Maximum filtering surface in minimum dimensions.
Maximum facility of transport and installation. Already assembled equipments.
Low maintenance. Without tooling. Maximum resistance, with movable parts not susceptible to wearing due to a continuous operation.
Water and energy saving.

Warranty period: 1 years


Flow:                                 Max 24 m³/h.

Operating Pressure:         Max 10 bars.

Pressure Loss:                 Max 0.1- 0.3 bars.

Liquid Temperature:         Max 62°C.

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