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MLD Dripline

Outside diameter: 6.4mm
Inside diameter: 4.5mm

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The Mini Landscape Dripline (MLD) is a 0.6cm dripline used for shorter runs, raised planters and pots, and for small landscaping beds. When 1.7cm dripline is too large for an area, consider using this 0.6cm version which has even better flexibility. Non-pressure compensating emitters are spaced at either 15 or 30cm intervals inside a black or brown tube.
76 m rolls uncoil from the inside of the roll for easy, no-hassle dispensing
Offered in both brown or black
Use with standard 6 mm barb fittings

Warranty period: 5 years


6.4mm outside diameter x 4.5mm inside diameter
Operating Pressure: 0.7-2.8 bar
Materials: LLDPE
Minimum bending radius: 30cm
Minimum Filtration: 150 mesh; 100 microns



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