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Sensor: Flow
Current draw: 24 VAC, 0.025 A

HFS Sensor

A ruptured pipe or broken sprinkler left undetected can result in substantial damage. Plants and ground cover can be flooded, slopes can be eroded, and hundreds of gallons of water can be wasted. Hunter created the Flow-Clik flow sensor to guard against these damages in the event of a rupture. The Flow-Clik can be programmed at a specified level of flow. It will shut down irrigation if it detects a flow rate higher than the programmed limit. Therefore, the amount of water loss and system damage is substantially reduced in the event of high external leakage.

Warranty period: 5 years





Flow-Clik Interface Panel: 36″ leads provided for easy wiring to controller (2 wires to controller, 24 VAC terminals and 2 wires to sensor)

Current draw: 24 VAC, 0.025 A

Switching current: 2 A maximum

Max. distance between interface panel and sensor: 304m. (18AWG minimum wire size); 2 wires required for Flow-Clik sensor.

Sensor Wiring: 2 x direct burial, 18 AWG or greater, color-coded or marked for polarity, up to 1000′ from controller

Programmable start up delay: 0 to 300 seconds

Programmable interrupt period: 2 to 60 minutes

System status indicator light

One button system calibration to set highest flow zone


Flow-Clik Brochure: Brochure-HFS

Flow-Clik Installation: Installation-HFS