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Valve Box 1015 1L2L

Weight: 4.53kg
Size: 41 x 55.3 x 30.48 cm

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alve Box 1015 1L2L

Lightweight – Yet provides higher load and environment resistance qualities over current products in plastic or concrete.
Reduced Side Angle – Provides easier readjustments to grade, while inside areas remain the same.
Increased Break Resistant – Structural foamed plastic parts have a lower density than straight injection products. This allows a part to still provide high flexibility thru proper design, while it continues to be more resistant to impact and bowing when installed.
Non-Conductive or Sparking – Offers good qualities for uses in electrical or phone connection junction boxes.

Operating Specifications

Enclosures shall be structural foam molded polyofin plastic with ultra-violet additives ASTM-D V1248.
Box shall have adequate soil surface to prevent settling in firm soil.
Box to have molded in nylon nut for bolt.
Cover marking shall be molded into cover.
Product shall comply to ASTM-D-635 or UL-94 (Flammability of Plastic Articles).
Cover to have anti-skid surface.

Warranty period: 5 years


Size : 41 x 55.3 x 30.48 cm

Weight: 4.53kg

Color: Light blue


Valve Box 1015 1L2L: Brochure-AEP1015-1L2L

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